The Bimbosan Feel-Good-System:

Baby milk and bottle supplements for thoroughly satisfied babies.

For many decades, we have successfully used a unique modular system which is now called the Bimbosan Feel-Good-System.

Your child needs a lot of love and devotion as well as a wholesome and all-natural diet to ensure healthy and happy growth Bimbosan has developed and tested a unique modular system over many decades. We have further improved the system and it is now called the Bimbosan Feel-Good-System. The Bimbosan Feel-Good System lets you address the individual needs of your child.

The Bimbosan Feel-Good System is very simple which is also why it is so convincing

Nutrition with Bimbosan is a simple and fascinating game. With a single liquid as the basis (e.g. Bimbosan baby powder milk) ,you can mix 9 bottle and 9 pap variations for your baby. The products are always selected individually depending on the following criteria:

  • Age of the child
  • Stool consistency of the child
  • Appetite of the child
  • Disposition

You can use the characteristics described above to orient yourself and choose the product based on age (e.g. nourishment).

Bottle supplements and paps filling
stool consistency
sensitive stomach
sleep through the night
All bottle supplements can be added to the bottle or pap. For babies from 4 months to 3 years. Important: We advise against mixing bottle supplements with follow-on milks.
* without palm oil
* without added sugar
* without gluten
Important: Breast milk is best for your baby. The WHO recommends exclusively breastfeeding for the first 6 months. butterfly

Maximum flexibility

The cereal products can be prepared with all Bimbosan start, follow and child’s milks (except AR milks) as well as with normal cow’s milk (at the earliest from the first year). Grains are a proven part of a healthy diet.

If there’s nothing here that your baby likes, ask a specialist for the right grain-based bottle supplement. Of course, you are happy to send you free samples or advise you by phone or in writing.


Do you have nutritional questions?

If you’re at a loss and don’t know what to do: if you’re baby doesn’t sleep through the night, has excessively thick or loose stool, feel free to contact our helpful and competent hotline. We know a lot of tips to keep your baby happy!

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