Age adjustment for complementary cereal-based products (paps)

At Bimbosan we always only want the best for the infants in our world. This is why we have taken the decision to adjust the age for some of our cereal-based complementary food products.

We now recommend that our Bimbosan complementary food products should only be consumed by infants after the age of 6 months. For baby milks and follow-on milks the age recommendations remain the same.

Previously: after 4 months – New: after 6 months

  • Bio-Primosan
  • Bio-Reis-Mais
  • Bio-Hosana
  • Bio-Hirse
  • Bio-Bifrutta
  • Bio-Mais-Milchbrei
  • Bio-3-Korn-Milchbrei

Previously: after 5 months – New: after 6 months

  • Bio-Prontosan
  • Bio-7
  • Bio-Hafer-Dinkel