Born again:

The new packagings and the Feel-Good System from Bimbosan.

Bimbosan will have a whole new look starting in August 2013. It was time to give Bimbosan’s image an overhaul after several decades in the same packaging.

We have made things easier

Because we offered such a broad range of bottle supplements and paps, parents were sometimes unsure at what age they could give their child a particular bottle supplement or pap. Everything is much easier with the new colour-coded Feel-Good-System.

For better orientation we have assigned each product category its own colour code. These make milk, bottle supplements, paps and specialities much easier to identify and select from the shelf.


Blue color: baby milk and follow-on milk
Red color: bottle supplements and paps
Green color: specialties

New on the outside

The new Bimbosan packaging will have a lot more baby style starting in 2013. And, parents can see at a glance which product is right for their baby.

Still just as good on the inside: The quality on this inside is still just as high as it was 80 years ago. All Bimbosan products are made in Switzerland.

  • An individual colour code for each product.For easier orientation. Blue colours stand for Bimbosan’s starter and follow-on milks.
  • The Bimbosan logotype.Now in large lettering on every pack together with the Swiss cross. Because Bimbosan has stood for Swiss quality since 1932. Below that, the individual product name.
  • The function of each product is illustrated.On the milk packs, a large pacifier is depicted for easy identification. Bottle administration is shown as a small illustration at the top right.
  • The advantages.The advantages of the product are clearly laid out in the coloured bar on the lower part of the packaging.

You will find the new Bimbosan packaging in specialty stores starting in August.