Little pirate on a little sea

For the sailing trip, we took along the various Bimbosan products, together with a «lunchtime jar». Each evening, when we put the coffee water on to boil, we added a little extra for the Thermos jug. In that way, we were always able to prepare a quick bottle feed. In the evening, he always had a bottle with something extra.

The first meal was thus a Bimbosan bottle early in the morning (between six and seven o’clock), the second was the lunchtime jar while the afternoon pap was always freshly prepared. An apple or a banana – these also keep well unrefrigerated – grated, and depending on whether we had bought fresh produce ashore, a little yoghurt, complemented with Bimbosan Organic Millet, Organic Rice or Organic 3-Grain. In this way, we were able to quickly prepare a healthy and fresh meal with simple ingredients. The evening meal consisted of a millet pap or something like that, followed by another bottle.

This summer, we set off to sail to Denmark for the second time with our six-metre sailing yacht. Our destination was the Limfjord, which is reminiscent of a large inland lake. We wanted to give our little pirate Micha (9 months old) his first experience of salt water sailing, and this «little sea» seemed ideal to us. And indeed, it was a successful trip.

During the planning, we had to consider a host of questions as to how to organise the trip with our little pirate. Our boat has no fridge, so how would we be able to look after the little lad properly? For months, we have been using Bimbosan as a supplement to breastfeeding, and at four months, we began with the supplements. This was followed by the pap and at seven months, the little sailor was weaned.


We were impressed by the variety we could conjure up quickly and easily with Bimbosan to feed our little pirate, especially when travelling with simple and limited means. Even when the sailing occasionally got a little rougher, we were still able to come up with something for our hungry little sailor.

On top of that, we value Bimbosan as a Swiss product, made with organic ingredients and supplied in eco-friendly packaging. Especially on the boat, where space is limited, the refills occupied little space and also generated minimal waste. After all, waste disposal is a problem that should not be underestimated, especially on a longer voyage or when lying at anchor.

We have no doubt: Should our boat crew gain additional members, Bimbosan will always be on board!

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