Cool Twister:
The first bottle water cooler

Boiling water ready to drink in 80 seconds

When baby is hungry, you need to move very fast because hungry babies don’t like to wait. The Cool Twister from nip cools the boiling water to drinking temperature in only 80 seconds. By this way, the important nutrients are not destroyed. The Cool Twister is easy to use and works without power.

  • exact temperature of 40, 50, 60 or 70°C
  • works with just cold water – according to the simple principle of heat exchange
  • is light, handy and fits in the refrigerator and nappy bag
  • ideal when travelling
  • food safe

How to use the Cool Twister

Use the break-proof measuring cup to measure out 210 ml of freshly boiled water.

Turn the Cool Twister 180°, place it on the threaded neck of the measuring cup and screw the two together tightly.

Turn the combined unit back over and place it directly on the neck of the baby bottle. Hot water flows automatically through the cooling coil and is cooled using the simple principle of heat exchange.

The device works without electricity and uses the simply principle of heat exchange. The heat from the boiling water transfers to the cold water and the temperatures balance each other out. The boiling water therefore cools down, whilst the cold water heats up.

This heat exchange takes place through an aluminium cooling coil inside the Cool Twister. The clever construction prevents the two liquids from mixing together.

The cold required for the cooling process is achieved by storing the Cool Twister in the fridge. After use, the cool water will have warmed up due to the heat exchange. The Cool Twister is then placed back in the fridge for about 2 hours to cool down before it can be used again.


The Cool Twister in Details

  1. Measuring cup made of break-proof plastic for 210 ml boiling water
  2. Sturdy cooling element made of plastic with water tank for cold water, cooling coil and filling level indicator
  3. Cooling coil made of high-quality aluminium is surrounded by the cooling water and cools down the boiling water according to the simple principle of heat exchange
  4. Non-drip screw cap can be opened and closed very easily with the base to fill and empty the cooling water
  5. Hygienic cover seals unit tight and germfree, in the refrigerator or on the go
  6. Base with integrated star handle on the bottom – for easy opening and closing of the sealing screw