Bimbosan only contains the very best Swiss quality

From the very outset, only raw materials from selected Swiss suppliers have been used in Bimbosan products. All raw materials are thus processed in compliance with the strictest quality standards in Switzerland. The tough selection process for suppliers makes it possible for Bimbosan to offer a wide range of Swiss organic products in Swiss quality. Because the environment where Swiss farmers let their cows graze is still intact, Switzerland today has the highest quality cow’s milk which is highly sought-after and popular even beyond Switzerland’s borders.

Buying Bimbosan products is also a clear commitment to Switzerland as a production location

Our flexible production in Welschenrohr (SO) is inside the beautiful Thal Nature Park. As a “Friend of the Thal Nature Park” Bimbosan supports the nature park’s efforts to protect the environment. This is the only way to ensure that the Bimbosan products can be produced in an intact and healthy environment both today and in the future. Furthermore, we pay great attention to sustainability. Therefore, wherever possible our products do not contain palm oil and are packaged in ecological friendly refill bags, which can be easily recycled. We currently are the only company in Switzerland to offer this packaging format for infant formulas.