Better and clearer.

The popular Bimbosan world becomes even more attractive.

For many years Bimbosan has been characterised by high-quality baby food as well as by an unmistakable picture language on the packaging. Now the next step follows and the Bimbosan world becomes even more emotional and attractive – and also clearer.

Animal diversity in milk.

All milks are now consistently illustrated with animal motifs. The spectrum ranges from cows and storks to bears, hares and deer. Incidentally, the animals are drawn at different ages and stages of development , depending on the category of milk.

New numbering system.

The second major innovation is the standard numbering of the milk.
1 = Baby milk powder (from day 1)
2 = Follow-on milk (after 6 months)
3 = Growing-up milk (after 12 months)
A clear difference in appearance is made between the infant milk and the follow-on milks.

PRE = contains only lactose

In contrast to most other suppliers, Bimbosan infant milk (stage 1) has PRE quality. This makes everything a bit easier and the parents do not have to change the product after only a few weeks.

More baby variety with the paps.

The new packaging (see right) also presents itself in a greater variety of cereal porridge: boys and girls with different looks represent the diversity of babies in Switzerland.

All changes to the new packaging:

  • PRE as a supplement on the infant milks (as Bimbosan infant milks always have PRE quality and therefore only contain lactose)
  • Uniform numbering system on all milks
  • All milks with animal motifs (in 3 age groups).
  • White areas on the infant milks as a clear optical distinction from the subsequent milks.
  • The information on the reverse side is presented clearly and quickly understandable.
  • Simpler dosage tables without ½ measuring spoon.

Note on the measuring spoon:
Note on all refill bags that no measuring spoon is included. And note on all tins that a measuring spoon is included and that there is an environmentally friendly refill bag for each.

  • The measuring spoon is the same, only the dosage has changed.
  • The measuring spoon is included in every can, but not in the refill bags.

Ecological packaging

Bimbosan is unique, not least because of its special, ecological refill system. Once you have bought a tin, you only subsequently need a refill bag. This saves a lot of waste. The bag is now even more ecological. The bags are now made of 40% renewable materials and we have reduced the amount of packaging by 10%, thus saving the environment!