How are the products prepared correctly?

The Bimbosan baby milk powders are always the basic element in the Bimbosan Feel-Good-System. All of the other products are cereal supplements or paps that can be individually selected after your child is 4 months of age depending on age, stool consistency and appetite. You can mix all 9 bottles and 9 pap variations yourself with a single basic milk. Provided that your child drinks at least 500 ml of milk per day, you can add 1 to 2 tablespoons of a Bimbosan grain supplement to any home-made pap without milk.

During preparation, make sure that the milk powder is not mixed with water above 62°C. This destroys many essential vitamins.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Bring water to a boil
  2. Let cool to the right temperature (approx. 45° C)
  3. Use the practical Bimbosan thermometer
  4. Add milk powder
  5. Close the bottle and shake it
  6. Let it cool down to drinking temperature (37°C) (wrist check)

Please note that after adding the cereal supplement, the attachment of the bottle must also be changed. Otherwise the milk in the bottle will clog.

How do I prepare paps?

Our ready-to-mix grain products can either be used as cereal supplements or for paps. The Bimbosan supplements are also ideal for enriching fruit, vegetables or meat or for making paps in combination with Bimbosan baby milk powder, Bisoja or cow’s milk (starting only after 1 year of age).

Pap with baby milk powder:

  • Bring water to a boil
  • E.g. mix 4‒6 tablespoons of Bio-2 and 4–6 measuring spoons of milk powder with water cooled to 45°C
  • Additional quantity of water to taste

Home-made pap

  • 1-2 tablespoons of Bio-2 can also be added to any home-made pap
  • Add water to taste if desired

Other preparation tips

  • Meals with fresh fruits and vegetables are even tastier and more nourishing when you add cereal supplements

Preparing a bottle ahead of time

For hygienic reasons, doctors do not recommend preparing baby milk powder ahead of time. Baby milk powder, like other kinds of milk, is a very sensitive product. Ideally, the milk is always prepared fresh. If one of the parents wants to prepare a bottle ahead of time and if this is done hygienically and cleanly, the bottle should not be prepared more than 24 hours in advance..

Very important: The milk may not be warm when the bottle is closed and any partially drunk bottles may not be reused.

Preparing bottles for travelling

If you are taking your baby on a trip, the milk should also be as fresh as possible on the road. A bottle prepared at home quickly goes bad due to residual heat. Any prepared milk also goes bad after around 1 hour in the bottle warmer or in a thermos. If your child already drank some of the bottle, the content may no longer be reused because the milk has been mixed with the child’s saliva and bacteria has already formed in the milk.